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You Were Created for A Reason!

Overcome limiting beliefs & self-doubt through an adventure of Self-Discovery & Life Purpose

Raise a Remarkable Child!

Reveal how well you know your child, by answering questions about each area of their life that matters.

Hi! I'm Beijing!

Youth Activist, International Speaker, Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast. I am from The Bahamas. My life's work and legacy are focused on creating thriving spaces for Youth Leadership, Empowerment, and Development.

I believe no young person should be left behind, therefore it is my mission to reduce helplessness and hopelessness as a Christian Life & Purpose Coach, connecting kids, teens, and young professionals to their creator through an adventure of self-discovery & life purpose so that they can overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt by providing coaching, workshops and adventure retreats. 

However, my passion for youth empowerment started at a very tender age of 4 years old... 

Work with me

For Parents



For Kids



For Young Professionals



Client Results

Shawn Knowles

It's been an amazing journey with Beijing!

"I did not know how crucial and needed Coaching with Beijing was for me during my College career. I am a college student studying business. I hired Beijing as a life coach to help me find my true passion in business and to create a plan to execute it. Working with Beijing gave me the motivation & laser focus to realise that my business dreams are achievable!"

~ Shawn Knowles

College Student



Parenting Biblical Declarations & Questions for your Child

Do you want to build a stronger relationship with your child? Take a look at how to speak life into your child's life every day. This is done through Biblical Declarations and Asking Important Questions to keep yourself updated on your child's life interests, likes and wants to build that level of trust.

For Schools

Self-Discovery Adventure Workshop 

For high school students to connect to the Creator through an adventure of Self-Discovery; by looking inwardly exploring their life interests, gifts, talents & accomplishments. Guiding their steps as they uncover what they were created to do after they graduate high school

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Go on an adventure with me to discover who you are, what you want, why you’re here and how you’ll get there through vulnerable, inspirational and insightful fun-filled strategies and stories on self-discovery and life purpose!

Because the 2 most important days in your life are: one, the day you were born and two, the day you find out why. But in order for you to find out why, you have to go on a self-discovery journey, dating yourself, and getting to know who you are.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime investing in yourself?

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