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Discovery Calls

For Parents & Young Professionals to gain breakthrough through auditing each area of your life

Self-Discovery Breakthrough Call

Power call for Parents & Young Professionals who are burnt out & need to receive breakthrough

Identify all of the issues you're struggling with most in your life

Receive breakthroughs by auditing each area of your life

Receive breakthroughs by auditing where all of your energy is going to 


Book Self-Discovery Breakthrough Call

1 hour



Go Deeper

Go more in-depth about who you are, what you want and why you're here.

Parent Discovery & Strategy Call

Follow-up call for Parents who enrolled their children in the Private Coaching 

Discuss your child's progress over the 3-month package 

Put a plan together for the child to stick with what they learnt

Parent Discovery & Strategy Call

Book Parent Discovery & Strategy Call

30 minutes 



Go Deeper

If you would like to apply for your child to work with me as their mentor, guide & role model to instil in them character, confidence & communication skills.

Hire me as your child's personal cheerleader.

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Parenting Biblical Declarations & Questions for your Child

Do you want to build a stronger relationship with your child? Take a look at how to speak life into your child's life every day. This is done through Biblical Declarations and Asking Important Questions to keep yourself updated on your child's life interests, likes and wants to build that level of trust.

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