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You are here for a reason & I'm so excited that you're here! 

I'm not Chinese, I'm from The Bahamas! 

I was born in Nassau, The Bahamas, a small archipelago island nation. 


I absolutely love my country for its beautiful people, vibrant culture, aquamarine waters, and outdoor adventure experiences. 

Beijing's Legacy & Life's Work... 

Youth Activist, International Speaker, and Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast. 

My life's work and legacy are focused on creating thriving spaces for Youth Leadership, Empowerment, and Development.

I believe no young person should be left behind, therefore it is my mission to reduce helplessness and hopelessness as a Christian Life & Purpose Coach, connecting kids, teens, and young professionals to their Creator through an adventure of self-discovery & life purpose so that they can overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt by providing coaching, workshops, and adventure retreats. 

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At 4 years young, I entered the workforce... 

By passing out crayons to the impoverished Haitian youth in a small village in the Dominican Republic. After two decades of going on mission trips around the world, serving the youth and sharing the life-changing power of Jesus through Vacation Bible School, I realised that it was a problem that youth around the world didn't have access to running water, food on the table every day, no access to quality education and more. This realisation disturbed me to the core and I began to stir up a passion to be a voice for the voiceless for young people living in impoverished conditions. 

During the ages of 5-8 years old, I learnt about the Bible Heroes who changed the world for God during their time and day. My beloved Grandmother reminded me before she passed, that I used to ask God, "God, can I help you? I want to help you!" 

Then at 10 years old, my mum sat my sister and I down and told us, "Girls... if you can figure out God's will for your life, then you're living your best life!" So, as any 10-year-old would do, I took my mum's advice literally and asked God for 2 years straight, "What is your will for my life?" I stopped praying for food, shelter, health, and family and only prayed for God's will as I believed if I can figure that out, I will live my best life ever.

At 12 years young, God told me "my WHY"...  

On October 27th 2007, God told me "Beijing, I want you to lead the youth!" So I started a youth-led organisation that develops youth as leaders, empowers youth as volunteers & serves youth as beneficiaries to stop the cycle & start the spiral in marginalised communities through providing quality education opportunities, mental health resources & natural disaster relief for abandoned, orphaned & marginalised youth; called, “IOT - It’s Our Turn.” 

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I was born to be a Personal Cheerleader to others... 

It took me a pretty long time to discover that Life Coaching is what I was born to do as a Career. I know this because my clients have shared this with me more than once. But before I united with this Career path, I underwent a long 12-year journey of self-discovery. You can name anything, and I could probably say… “I’ve already done that!” Growing up I had an active life. I was involved in everything and tried everything. I carried this character trait into adulthood. And there finally came that day, when I read the quote: The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why.

BOOM. That’s when it hit me. As I was so busy trying all these new things, going on new adventures and meeting all sorts of new people, I never was able to find “my thing that I was passionate about to make a living.” Off the bat, I knew it wasn’t a 9-5 job, so I chose to deviate from the norm and pursue entrepreneurship. Then, my journey of entrepreneurship consumed me.


But again, it hit me. I never found “my thing” or the proper term, “my niche.” By this point, I thought that there was something completely wrong with me. I thought... Why couldn’t I pick one interest, one passion, or one talent? Why do I have to be gifted with so many talents and enjoy so many things? For the first time in my life, I even dared asked myself… “why can’t I just be normal for once?” A character trait I despised. So, just imagine all of the sleepless nights I endured mixed with anxiety & a cherry topping of depression. 

Many years later, in year 12 of my journey of self-discovery, I met someone who would change my life forever, their profession, a Coach. And it was through my 6 week experience with this Coach that enlightened me and made me realise, I need to pursue life coaching. And after I did the deed of giving my first ever Life Coaching session, I finally heard the words I forgot that I was searching for: “Beijing, you were born to do this.”

A few things I achieved along the way... 

In 2020, I was the National Youth Development Officer at the Bahamas Red Cross, I focused on the Mental Health initiative, called “Using Art for Mental Healing” for the youth affected by Hurricane Dorian, which happens to the most horrific hurricane of the 21st century. Additionally, I received certification from IsraAid and UNICEF to conduct child-friendly spaces in disaster relief areas, as I led a child-friendly space in the biggest hurricane shelter, called the Love Tent. 

In 2021 & 2022 I have been selected to represent The Bahamas as a Youth Speaker & Delegate at the United Nations on 4 occasions: Firstly, I gave a statement to the United Nations Council at the Intercessional Seminar on Youth & Human Rights. Secondly, I was nominated and selected by the Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO as a participant in the 12th UNESCO Youth Forum. Thirdly, I was selected to write and present a TedTalk speech on Human Rights Day 2021 to United Nations Jamaica. Fourthly, I represented the Bahamas as the female youth delegate at the United Nations' 27th Youth Assembly in New York City. 

Beijing UN.HEIC

A few more accomplishments along the way... 

Presently, I am a Youth International & Motivational Speaker, having been invited to speak to four speaking engagements in India, one of them being to 20,000 persons to share my legacy to improve the lives of the marginalised, abandoned, and orphaned youth. 

Furthermore, I was awarded Top 48 Millennial in the Bahamas, additionally receiving 3 nominations & winning 2 awards at the National Youth Awards and awarded the Esther/Hadassah Award for my outstanding International Representation on Leadership, a Visionary, and Community Developer. 


Ultimately, I believe young people are the tool to change the world, all they need is a push in the right direction, with intentional and purposeful guidance, training, and attention. 

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